Cell Phones Accessories , Cases, Holsters Sleeves,De,www.catiamassaro.it,S9,[Scratch,Resistant,Back],Case,,Poetic,[360,Guardian,$13,Galaxy,/guttule552175.html $13 Galaxy S9 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant Back] [360 De Cell Phones Accessories Cases, Holsters Sleeves Cell Phones Accessories , Cases, Holsters Sleeves,De,www.catiamassaro.it,S9,[Scratch,Resistant,Back],Case,,Poetic,[360,Guardian,$13,Galaxy,/guttule552175.html Houston Mall Galaxy S9 Case Poetic Guardian Back Scratch De Resistant 360 $13 Galaxy S9 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant Back] [360 De Cell Phones Accessories Cases, Holsters Sleeves Houston Mall Galaxy S9 Case Poetic Guardian Back Scratch De Resistant 360

Houston Mall Galaxy S9 Case Poetic Guardian Back Scratch De OFFicial mail order Resistant 360

Galaxy S9 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant Back] [360 De


Galaxy S9 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant Back] [360 De

Product Description

The Poetic Guardian Series for the Galaxy S9 is an ultra-clear, rugged, hybrid bumper case that protects and showcases your phone. This dual layered case is composed of a built-in screen protector, polycarbonate shell, and shock absorbing TPU. The Guardian provides a snug fit for your Galaxy S9 and seals your phone without affecting screen sensitivity and button response. The Guardian collection comes in a clear back with accent colors including: Black, Blue, Green, and Pink.

Poetic Samsung Galaxy S9 Case - Guardian Series

Other features include:
Raised bezel for screen and camera protection
Precise cutouts for camera and speakers
Port plugs to protect against dust
Scratch resistant clear back
Corner bumper protection

Guardian Case - Highlights

Shock Absorbing
Impact-resistant TPU and polycarbonate layer protect against drops and impacts by absorbing and dispersing shock.

Ultra-Clear Quality
Glossy, clear polycarbonate case enhances the beauty of your Galaxy S9 with striking clarity.

Reliable Protection
The Poetic Guardian will protect your Galaxy S9 from accidents wherever you go. The Guardian assures 360 degrees of protection with its dual layered protection.

Built-In Screen Protector
Front PC casing includes a built-in screen protector to protect your screen against dust, scratches, and drops. The raised bezel lifts screen off flat surfaces.

Scratch Resistant Clear Back
The hard back is a combination of clear polycarbonate and TPU to provide drop and shock protection for your device. The scratch-resistant coating helps the clear back panel stay clean and clear. The raised bezel lifts camera off flat surfaces.

Qamp;A about Poetic Product:

Q1: Does this case cover the speakers, sensors, and notification light?
A: No, this case has cutouts for those areas, so it does not cover the speaker, sensors, or notification lights.

Q2: Does this case truly fit the Galaxy S9?
A: Yes, this case is designed to fit the Galaxy S9 .

Q3: Does this case include a screen protector?
A: Yes, this two piece case includes a built-in screen protector and a hard back shell with shock absorbing TPU lining around it.

Q4: Does this case work with glass screen protectors or wet install protectors?
A: No, this case will not fit properly if you already have a screen protector installed. However, you can peel off the plastic build-in screen protector if you want to use your own tempered glass or wet install protector.


Galaxy S9 Case, Poetic Guardian [Scratch Resistant Back] [360 De

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  • SOFIA'S CHOICE Women Tiger Tee Shirt Short Sleeve Tie dye Graphi
    We work on life science applications to address problems in human health, agriculture, and energy and the environment.
  • Education & Outreach

    Our Science for All Delawareans STEM initiative organizes K-12 tours, Delaware BioGENEius Challenge, and teacher professional development.
  • Resources & Facilities

    We have a variety of shared equipment and provide access to specialized technologies to facilitate research by academics and companies.
  • Our Partners

    We work closely with colleagues from the state, academic, and for profit sectors in Delaware and in the region.