$11 SANOXY Retro Handset -Old-School Style POP Handset for iPhone, i Electronics Headphones SANOXY,iPhone,,i,$11,-Old-School,Retro,Electronics , Headphones,Handset,www.catiamassaro.it,/jookerie552277.html,for,Handset,Style,POP SANOXY Atlanta Mall Retro Handset -Old-School Style i POP for iPhone SANOXY Atlanta Mall Retro Handset -Old-School Style i POP for iPhone $11 SANOXY Retro Handset -Old-School Style POP Handset for iPhone, i Electronics Headphones SANOXY,iPhone,,i,$11,-Old-School,Retro,Electronics , Headphones,Handset,www.catiamassaro.it,/jookerie552277.html,for,Handset,Style,POP

SANOXY Atlanta Mall Retro Handset -Old-School Style i POP for security iPhone

SANOXY Retro Handset -Old-School Style POP Handset for iPhone, i


SANOXY Retro Handset -Old-School Style POP Handset for iPhone, i

Product Description

Sanoxy Retro Handset, Anti-radiation Telephone Phone Call Receiver 3.5 MM

3.5 MM Retro Radiation Proof Phone Handset Socket Cell Phone Receiver for iPhone Samsung Android Smartphones. 

Using a Retro Handset reduces the wireless radiation absorbed compared to a direct use of your mobile phone. 

3.5mm jack to plug directly in your iPhone, Samsung and other Smart Phones. (Some mobile phones may need an adaptor to connect the Retro POP Handset to the mobile telephone)

Noise-reducing technology for a better sound

Compatible with all 3.5mm audio jack mobile phones and computers.

Works with all mobile devices with 3.5mm jacks; other adaptors available as accessories Turns your tablet or computer into a telephone via Skype and other VOIP applications

Anti-radiation: Helps reduce the influence of wifi radiation or electromagnetic wave.

Reduces the Cell Phone Radiation. 
Eliminates up to 99% of radiation absorption by distancing you from the cell phone


​Pick up / Hang up button

Noise reduction system can help improve the quality of phone calls
Fit with a standard 3.5mm headphone plug,
Compatible with all 3.5mm jack devices Works with all computers;
USB adaptor and splitter cable available as separate accessories
Works with all mobile devices with 3.5mm jacks; other adaptors available as accessories Turns your tablet or computer into a telephone via Skype and other VOIP applications.


Retro Anti-radiation Telephone Phone Call Receiver 3.5 MM Socket Handset

Compatible with cell phone, computer, tablets, iPhone, iPad
Turns your tablets computer into a telephone via Skype or VOIP applications
Noise reduction system


Ergonomic handle design: provides a comfortable hand feeling.
Light weight, portable, and durable

The handset is designed to feel light and luxurious Rubberized soft-touch finish for ultimate comfort and feel
High quality speaker and microphone

SANOXY Retro Handset -Old-School Style POP Handset for iPhone, i

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