Goodyking,Magnet,Wood,Woden,Kids,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,$7,Craft,,/jookerie824377.html,Craft,Painting,and,Arts,- Goodyking,Magnet,Wood,Woden,Kids,Toys Games , Arts Crafts,$7,Craft,,/jookerie824377.html,Craft,Painting,and,Arts,- Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Woden Wood Magnet - Kids $7 Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Woden Magnet - Kids Wood Craft Toys Games Arts Crafts Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Woden Wood Magnet - Kids $7 Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Woden Magnet - Kids Wood Craft Toys Games Arts Crafts

Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Louisville-Jefferson County Mall Woden Wood Magnet Brand Cheap Sale Venue - Kids

Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Woden Magnet - Kids Wood Craft


Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Woden Magnet - Kids Wood Craft


Product Description

GoodyKings Acrylic Magnetic Wooden painting Set for kids is the complete package deal.

Wooden Magnet Creativity Arts amp; Crafts Painting Kit Decorate Your Own for Kids Paint Gift

This amazing arts and craft set offers so many goods in a single package for the best bang for your bucks which includes a washable non-toxic acrylic paint set. Not just that, with this amazing acrylic painting kit, you will also get an awesome view of the perfect size for a toddler. The paintbrushes for kids are the best quality and come in 3 different sizes. This wooden magnetic painting kit is so versatile and so easy to store or carry anywhere for any toddler. You can express your art anywhere anytime. Don't miss out on this amazing painting kit for kids bundle perfect arts and craft gifts.

Package Included

Wooden magnets (Large Size) x 15

Painting brush x 3

Acrylic paint x 12 colors

Glitter glue x 4

Painting palette x 1

Gem stickers x 1 Sheet

Googly eyes x1 pack

Gift Packaging x 1

Goodyking Arts and Craft Painting Woden Magnet - Kids Wood Craft

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