$6 RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover, Blue, 540 or 550 cans Remote App Controlled Vehicles Remote App Controlled Vehicle 540,or,www.catiamassaro.it,Gear,Remote App Controlled Vehicles , Remote App Controlled Vehicle,cans,/mouche296239.html,Cover,,Sealed,$6,Traxxas,550,RPM,Blue, 540,or,www.catiamassaro.it,Gear,Remote App Controlled Vehicles , Remote App Controlled Vehicle,cans,/mouche296239.html,Cover,,Sealed,$6,Traxxas,550,RPM,Blue, RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover 540 or NEW cans Blue 550 RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover 540 or NEW cans Blue 550 $6 RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover, Blue, 540 or 550 cans Remote App Controlled Vehicles Remote App Controlled Vehicle

store RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover 540 or NEW cans Blue 550

RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover, Blue, 540 or 550 cans


RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover, Blue, 540 or 550 cans

Product description

The most recent electric versions of the e-Rustler, e-Stampede, Bandit and Slash 2wd have several new features that caused interference issues with our original RPM molded gear cover for the Stampede amp; Rustler. We expanded the area of the gear cover over the motor shaft to compensate for the longer motor shaft of the XL-5 amp; VXL motors. We narrowed two areas along the perimeter of the gear cover to allow clearance for the rear bumper / wheelie bar mount as well. These changes now allow this gear cover to fit all versions of these awesome vehicles. RPM Gear Covers for the electric versions of the Traxxas Stampede, Rustler, Bandit and Slash are sold in black or blue and carry our limited lifetime warranty against failure due to materials or workmanship issues.

RPM Traxxas Sealed Gear Cover, Blue, 540 or 550 cans

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