$70 Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men $70 Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Boot,Timberland,/mouche824539.html,Collar,Waterproof,www.catiamassaro.it,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,6-Inch,$70,Padded,Men'S,Basic Super special price Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Collar Waterproof Padded Boot Boot,Timberland,/mouche824539.html,Collar,Waterproof,www.catiamassaro.it,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,6-Inch,$70,Padded,Men'S,Basic Super special price Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Collar Waterproof Padded Boot

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Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot


Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot

Product description

"Our 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Boots are designed to hold up to wear and tear, year after year. Ready for the great outdoors, these leather work boots feature seam-sealed waterproof protection and rubber lug outsoles to grip rugged terrain. Rain, slush, or snow, boots are Timberland specialty, and when you think of Timberland boots, you're thinking of these. Our original waterproof boot provides tireless waterproof performance and instantly recognizable work-boot styling. Our 6-inch basic waterproof boots are designed to hold up to wear and tear, year after year. Ready for the great outdoors, These leather work boots feature seam-sealed waterproof protection and Rubber lug outsoles to grip Rugged terrain. Padded leather Collar for a comfortable fit around the ankle. Covered by the Timberland Limited Warranty. Because Timberland is unable to control the quality of products sold by unauthorized sellers, unless otherwise prohibited by law, the limited warranty is not available for products purchased from unauthorized sellers. The warranty claim must be made within 12 months of purchase. Proof of purchase is required. For complete terms, limitations, and instructions on how to make a warranty claim, please visit the Timberland website."

From the manufacturer

Timberland Men'S 6-Inch Basic Waterproof Padded Collar Boot

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